Customs / Brexit

Since January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom has been a third country to the European Union. Brexit has therefore brought significant changes, to which we have adapted.

Our mission:

1/ Ease your customs procedures

2/ Establish customs documents for your goods, both import and export

We are authorized to clear your goods, both import and export. We determine the amount of customs duties based on the goods nature and origin. We carefully follow the status of the customs declaration, in order to ensure the customs status of the goods.
Excisable goods
We mainly deal with the export of excisable goods, especially alcohol. The documents required to issue the export declaration are the EAD (Electronic Accompanying Document), the commercial invoice clearly showing the sender and the final recipient, as well as the Champagne certificate in the event that the export concerns Champagne. Once all these documents have been grouped together, we can establish the export document containing an MRN barcode. The document will be used by the driver crossing the border, he must present this to the port of Calais so that it can be scanned.

3/ Issuance of transit tickets

The collection and transmission of transit documents is done automatically to the customs offices of departure, transit, and arrival of the goods. Our team is made up of several qualified Brokers and we carry out all types of customs clearances. We specialize in excisable goods. Polley Douane is the creation of hundreds of export and import clearances every day.

We are also authorized to receive PCF customs checks on our premises, and we hold the ORGANIC label.