Calais Truck Center : Tire management for Lorries

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Assistance & help 24/7 TRUCK FORCE SL24
We have a stock of 100 tires with 20 different dimensions and profiles :

  • 70 new tires from Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin and Hankook
  • 30 retreaded tires from Nextred and Remix Lauren


Repair Service

Service pneumatique dépannageOur repair service from Calais Truck Center consists of :

  • 2 repairmen : Marc Thiant and Alexandre Logez
  • 1 help line active 24/7 : 06 46 00 15 26
  • Truck equipped with tire changing utensils

Calais Truck Center offers the following services assured by qualified technicians from Goodyear :

  • Re-centering and supply of rims
  • Flat tire repairs



At Calais Truck Center, we offer the maintenance of your tires which consists of the following services :

  • Parc visits for tire checks
  • Tread depth gauge
  • Tire re-pressurization
  • Regrooving depending on the manufacturers recommendations


Access point

Calais Truck Center - 356 avenue de la liberté, Zone de Fret Transmarck, 62730 Marck

Additional Information

Effected repairs in 2015 for Goodyear
Tires in stock
Motivated Employees